Since the introduction of the EU legislation (EU Food Information Regulation No. 1169/2011 (FIR) / Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC)) in December 2014 the food industry has been faced with a challenge, a momentous challenge!

A challenge that touches all the various sectors and companies within the food industry in one way or another. The biggest challenge is for the caterers who have to, by law, be able to provide customers with accurate allergen information for the products they’re selling, be it via menus, posters or verbally.

There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of different products in the market place caterers can choose from. Caterers are turning to their Wholesaler or Foodservice partner for help and support and in turn the Wholesalers and Foodservice partners are looking to the Manufacturers and Brand Owners to provide them with the information.

Manufacturers and Brand Owners are getting inundated with requests to supply their product specifications in a whole host of formats including Excel spreadsheets, PDF, Word, XML, to name just a few. This method is prone to error, time consuming, duplicating workload and a massive drain on resources.

The food industry needs one solution a centralised data pool where Manufacturers and Brand Owners can provide technical specifications to a single source and the information is then cascaded down to the Caterers via the Wholesalers and Foodservice partners.

A centralised data pool would solve the issue of communicating allergen, nutritional and technical specifications. It would also remove the duplication of workload that’s currently taking place across the entire food industry.

The food industry needs one solution and we believe that solution to be Erudus.

Erudus has made great strides towards this, currently holding detailed product specifications for over 25,000 lines all being populated by 1,100+ Manufacturers and Brand Owners. But this isn’t enough we need to encourage more Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Wholesalers, Foodservice partners and Caterers to get behind Erudus to truly make it the food industry solution to communicating allergen, nutritional & technical information.

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